Our Hand Cleaners

Formuating good hand cleaners is a very difficult process.  The product has to strip away dirt and oils, but not strip away the moisturising needed to keep hands feeling good. No-one likes hands feeling like they have been dehydrated by soap or disinfectant.

Secondly, it has to dry quickly, but not too quickly. It is the action of rubbing the nad cleaner on the skin that allows contact with bacteria and viruses. This action must allow enough contact time to do two things. First, the hand cleaner must reach all parts of the hand and secondly, it must have enough time to be in contact with germs, to kill them.

Then of course, the hand cleaner must either be removed by washing with water if it is a hand soap, or dry, if it is a sanitiser hand cleaner.

We offer two types of hand cleaner:

  1. A hand soap that contains a disinfectant that both removes grime and sanitises hands at the same time
  2. A hand sanitiser gel that is specially formulated with iso-propanol and not ethanol (which is extremely dangrous to skin) and emolients that soften and return moisture to the skin surface

All are SABS/SANS approved to be effective and correctly formulated for safe usage. The have been tested in laboratories to kill over 99.8% of all known germs. This is important because without this, you have no idea how it was made and how effective it will be.

Don’t take that chance with your health. Buy registered hand cleaners and remember, good products are formulated to be both safe and economical.

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