Our Cleaning Aids

As a coffee machine user, you’ll probably know that cleaning chemicals are critical for correct coffee machine operation, but having your surfaces clean and clean hands are just as critical for your health. Frontier Coffee supplies three types:

1. Cleaning Aids for Coffee Machines

These include descaling liquids, cappuccino milk frother cleaners and brew unit tablets for general coffee machine cleaning. They are used weekly where milk is involved and monthly for descaling.

Please don’t avoid using them because scale build-up for example, can lead to blockages, either as the tubes gain layer after layer of calcium, or when a small piece of scale breaks away and we end up with a blockage. It is far cheaper to clean than repair!

2. Cleaning Aids for Hands

These include disinfectant containing liquid soaps and also a SABS approved hand sanitiser. Hand cleaning is critical with the Covid-19 pandemic and clean hands are essential for touching screens and buttons.

We recommend a sanitising hand cleaner in bathrooms and a hand sanitiser in entrance areas and kitchens. Be safe!

3. Cleaning Aids for Surfaces

These chemicals ensure degreasing and disinfection take place to keep surfaces like floors and counter tops in offices and factories completely clean and safe.

The products include mild abrasive cleaners and bleach as well as well as solvent degreasers that are tough acting.

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