Our consumable range is extensive. We provide all consumables needed for coffee machines and coffee vending machines and other consumables for office and factory cleaning. We offer:

Coffee beans (Click here)

We offer Dallmayr’s Premium Bean range. All beans are carefully selected and roasted to perform well in automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines.

Filter Coffee (Click here)

Our filter coffee blends include a Mocha Java coffee and our Platinum blend.

Coffee Syrups (Click here)

Coffee syrups provide added flavour and sweetness and area popular addition to our consumables range. Choose from vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

Instant Coffee (Click here)

We offer Ricoffy, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Classic Decaffeinated, Trovato Gold. These coffees range from freeze dried to a coffee chicory mix and are branded products. The freeze dried coffee is imported from Germany.

Milk Powders (Click here)

Trovato Premium Select and Trovato Creamer are on offer for your coffee vending machine. Specially formulated to mix well and provide a creamy milk taste.

Latte Powders (Click here)

The latte powders are perfect for a creamy tasty drink with white chocolate latte powder, chai  tea latte powder and caramel latte powder. Use in place of hot chocolate powders for a taste change.

Hot Chocolate Powders (Click here)

We offer both a Belgian hot chocolate with more cocoa flavour and a Swiss hot chocolate which has a creamier taste but less pronounced cocoa flavour (like Nestle hot chocolate)

Teas (Click here)

Our imported tea from Dilmah, a leading tea house in Sri Lanka, offers exceptional quality and value. Enjoy plain and specialty flavours.

Cups. Lids and Stirrers (Click here)

Choose between hot walled cups, ribbed cups and polystyrene cups for your coffee drinks. Can be stored by the coffee vending machines or inside some models.

We also offer cup lids and plastic stirrers or wooden stirrer sticks.

Water Filters (Click here)

A great cup of coffee needs great coffee and great water! Water is after all 99.5% of your coffee. We offer both the in-line IN-10 Siliphos water filter and the plumbed-in WM-12 ion exchange resin filters at great prices.

Cleaning Chemicals (Click here)

Our cleaning chemical range covers machine cleaners, surface cleaners and hand cleaners (sanitiser and soap).

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