Instant coffee vending machines have been the mainstay of the coffee vending industry for years. The reasons are simple:


Instant coffee vending machines may not offer the same quality of coffee experience that the small automatic bean to cup coffee machines can offer, but they do have the advantage of speed and cost saving.

Instant coffee is cheaper than bean coffee. This is because it is made from cheaper robusta species coffee beans. During the manufacturing process, manufacturers can extract undesirable flavours from the liquified beans that is eventually solidified.

There are also three types of coffee that can be used in instant coffee vending machines: pure spray dried (like powdered milk) where the liquid coffee is sprayed agains the sides of a hot container turning it into a solid quickly. This is used to make Nescafe Classic, for example.

The second is a blend of chicory and/or maltodextrin and coffee liquid, dried the same way. This makes Ricoffy.

The third is a freeze dried coffee. Here, thin layers of coffee liquid are rapidly frozen and subject to a poweful vacuum. This turns the liquid into a solid instantly as all he water is removed. Nescafe Gold and Jacobs Kruning are good examples of freeze dried instant coffee.


Instant coffee vending machines offer a decent coffee at the push of a button. They can produce a cup faster than you can make one with a kettle because the boiler is always at temperature. This makes it very convenient for office coffee provision.

Using our Trovato Gold, which is equivalent in taste profile to Jacobs Kronung, you can get a really good coffee in less than 20 seconds. No mess, no fuss.

All our instant coffee vending machines have 5 canisters, so add in milk powder, sugar, hot chocolate and a decaffeinated Nescafe Classic and you’ll have everything you need to offer staff and customers a good cup of coffee!

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