Coffee machines come in many configurations and we offer instant coffee machines, bean to cup coffee machines and now,dual tea and coffee vending machines.

Our dual tea and coffee machines have a leaf tea brewer that can offer you both tea or coffee in 30 seconds.

There are two types:

Fresh Brew Tea and Coffee Machines

The challenge for any hot drink vending machine manufacturer has always been tea. How do you supply a quality tea drink to discerning tea drinkers?

This challenge originates from two issues. First, tea drinkers like to make tea “their way”. Some steep the tea for minutes and don’t stir, some can’t wait and stir the tea to release flavours faster, and of course there are a thousand ways in between.

The second issue is that you don’t want everyone waiting 2 minutes at the vending machine for their tea because there will be a queue forming in no time. It has to be quick, but it has to taste good.

The simple solution: instant tea. Just add hot water, mix and pour. Although quick, it just didn’t taste as good and many coffee machine manufacturers just steered clear.

However, our manufacturer did some clever engineering and found a way to extract tea from fresh tea leaves in a way that this meets the needs of even the most disrning of tea drinkers.  Our Bellissimo offers you two types of fresh tea – Ceylon and Rooibos and an Instant Coffee.

Double Fresh Brew Coffee Machines

This type of coffee vending machine overcomes another issue. What if your office coffee solution must offer BOTH a freshly made tea AND a bean to cup coffe?

Well our manufacture has solved that issue by creating a coffee machine that can do both fresh brew tea and fresh brew coffee! As the machine has 2 additional canisters, you can add hot chocolate and milk powder to create a variety of other drinks.

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