We offer a large range of automatic coffee machines that use fresh milk to create awesome coffee drinks. These range from small compact coffee machines for homes and small offices through to large multi bean hopper machines that can be used in commercial catering establishments. These are idea for quick service restaurants and take-aways alike.

The important issue with an automatic coffee machine is to match it to the correct usage situation. A small coffee machine bought from Makro will not be suitable for an office where 10 staff are making coffee (say 30 cups a day). It will overheat and be put under too much stress and fail. Alternatively, you don’t want a commercial coffee machine in your kitchen, unless you have a very large kitchen.

Be it an office or a catering environment, just press a button to get a coffee shop quality cappuccino, latte or flat white!  Quick and easy. The automatic coffee machines are exactly that and they will also perform cleaning functions and descaling functions automatically too.

Setting up your drink choices is simple and driven by the touch screen programmes. Once set, you can then simply select and many have the ability to change drinks as you make them. The advantage of this is that you can set a base drink setting, but individuals using the office coffee machines will be able to change their drinks to their preference, and the machine goes back to the original setting for the next person.

The aim with an automatic coffee machine is to ensure that good coffee, and speciality coffee like cappuccino, latte etc are served fast and simply. No user input is needed after pressing the button or touching the screen.

Our fresh milk based machines include automatic coffee machines and we also offer a coffee vending machine that uses fresh milk and coffee beans to bring the coffee shop into your office!

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