Frontier Coffee is a coffee machine company. We stock a range of machines that are suitable for homes, small offices, large offices, the hotel and guesthouse sectors, factories, and front offices (like dealerships, receptions etc).

Our machines are split into three categories.

Automatic Coffee Makers, which can make coffee drinks at the touch of a single button. You don’t need to do anything more than that. They will grind, tamp, brew and dispene coffee and add milk foam and steamed milk as required by the drink recipe. You just set your machine to the settings you like and it makes you that coffee time after time.

Coffee vending machines on the other hand, are more suited to higher traffic areas and have canisters on board that hold additional products like hot chocolate, sugar, milk powder etc. They are capable of mixing products which is not common on the automatic  machines, although some, like ourMiniBar can offer hot chocolate and coffee drinks. Enjoy a mochacinno from the MiniBar!

These are typically called instant coffee vending machines when they use mainly instant or soluble coffees (like our Trovato Instant Gold); bean to cup coffee vending machines when coffee beans are ground and used; and filter coffee makers when ground coffee is added to a drip basket and hot water poured over it. You can also get a fresh brew tea brewing coffee machine that uses tea leaves to give a good cup of tea. We call these dual coffee and tea vending machines.

The last category is the filter coffee machine. This is a gravity driven coffee extraction process where hot water drips through the ground coffee to extract the coffee. There is no pressure involved. Very popular in Northern Europe and the USA.

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