Looking to rent coffee machines or coffee vending machines?

Look no further… we have a coffee machine rental option for you…

Fully managed services offered

Rental Models

We offer you a number of coffee machine rental models to suit every need. You can select from:

  • No rental fee coffee machines (minimum consumable purchase)
  • Rental of coffee machine with consumables
  • Fixed monthly coffee machine rental
  • Payment of a per-cup consumed fee
  • 12, 24 or 36 month rental options

All our rental models include free installation, training and maintenance should you require it.

We will set up your coffee machine to dispense the drinks you want and to the taste profile you want.

Rental options for coffee machines

Rental Options

Our rental options can include:

  • A monthly visit to do deep cleaning of your coffee machine (service plan)
  • A range of additional equipment such as:
    • cabinets on which to place your machine
    • external 20 litre water drums to provide water for your coffee
    • payment systems (coin, token or cards to manage costs)
    • milk coolers/fridges
  • Water filters
  • Coffee machine cleaning chemicals
Benefits of renting a coffee machine

Rental Benefits

Companies rent coffee machines for a number of reasons. Here are some advantages of renting:

  • Rentals are an operational expense so are tax deductable
  • Rentals come with free maintenance (so no additional fees)
  • Rentals allow upgrades as technology improves
  • Rentals allow changes to machines as preferences change
  • Rentals do not tie up cashlow in assets

If you rent coffee machines, you get a great way to retain flexibility around your office coffee machines and the drinks you offer staff and clients.

Not sure what may be best for you? Contact us.


We will evaluate your situation We’ll look at your staff numbers, your current spend, the layout of your operation and the types of drink you’d like to offer. Then we’ll offer you a solution that not only gives you an improved office coffee solution, but saves you money too.


We’ll offer you a demonstration period of 1 to 3 months so you can see how it works for you! We are confident of offering you a coffee machine rental that works for you because we have been doing this for 17 years now and have many customers who are still with us!