Share a story about your coffee experience today and stand to win a hamper of coffee goodies!


We love our coffee and we love our coffee machines and we love the coffee experience! For us, coming into the office is both wonderful and difficult… you see, we know when we arrive, there will be a great cup of coffee. That’s the wonderful part. The difficult part is which coffee machine should we use today!

Having a range of coffee machines that make everything from instant coffee through to bean coffee … powdered milk to fresh milk … white chocolate to Belgian dark chocolate … you get the picture right!

What about your coffee experience?

Why don’t you tell us about your coffee experience today? No more than 100 words (and we’re not counting so if you want to write a book… go for it!) about something that happened to you while making coffee, drinking coffee, thinking about coffee… anything that says ” this is what happened today around my coffee”.

So good or bad (hopefully not!) just share… bring a thought to others… let them see what you see and maybe they’ll share too!

Send us your coffee experience

We’ll publish your experience here (with or without your name as you please)… then at the end of every week we’ll pick one that says “this person really had a coffee experience of note!” If you live oustide of South Africa, we’ll celebrate you and your country in a special way…. and if you live in South Africa, we’ll send you  a box of coffee goodies to say thank you for sharing! We are sure you’ll love our coffee.

Anyone, anywhere, please feel free to share your coffee experiences! I wonder how far away our readers live?

What to do to share.. and maybe win a hamper…

Send your short coffee experience in about 100 words or less, to [email protected] and stand a chance to win!

Your Coffee Experiences….

“Normally I have a cappuccino from the vending machine when I get to work, but I saw a stray cat outside with her kittens so I made a coffee but separated the warm milk from the coffee. I drank the coffee and  they lapped up the milk! We were all happy!”

Suretha C, Potchefstroom


“Met an old friend I hadn’t seen since school some 40 years ago for coffee. Four hours, and I don’t know how many cups of coffee later, but we had caught up and given the little coffee shop its best billing in 4 months”

Karen D, Johannesburg


“Dropped in to see your showroom yesterday to see your machines. Left on a high! 4 coffees in 20 minutes… and I also feel I got a diploma course in coffee! Thanks.

Braam v R, Midstream

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