Five ways coffee machines will save you money in a recession?

Many companies have felt the effects of the recession and are keen to reduce their costs. Obviously the best way to do this is by limiting the impact on staff and customers, and one way to reduce costs without reducing staff benefits, is to have a coffee machine based office coffee service. Why? Well there are five good reasons: 1. Coffee machines d ...

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Why are coffee machines so popular?

Coffee vending machines are found just about everywhere these days. Whether you are taking your car for a service, working in a corporate office of buying milk in a convenience store – chances are that you’ll find a coffee vending machine sitting on a counter. Why are they so popular? There are seven good reasons: 1. Cost savings Each coffee vended c ...

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How to clean your Bianchi Sprint Instant Coffee Vending Machine

Hi coffee lovers and valued clients. We are creating a library of training guides for you to take care of your coffee vending machine. This will ensure that your investment pays off for a long time. As most of you know our instant coffee vending machines are user-friendly and require very little maintenance to ensure every day starts with a cup of c ...

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Coffee is healthy

Improve your health by drinking coffee!

Could your office coffee machines be more important than your first aid box? Well, the debate has raged for many years, and it will probably continue for many more. Is coffee good or bad for your health?  Here are some findings that indicate coffee may well be better than that aspirin! Coffee , as we all know, is high in caffeine, and caffeine is sus ...

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Coffee Machine Quote Comparisons

Coffee Machine Quote Comparisons So there you are … you have done the good corporate thing and got yourself three quotes for your office coffee machines from suppliers. But now you have created a monster for yourself. Each quote is calculated in a different way. You have a quote offering free coffee machines if you agree to use that company&#8 ...

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Coffee Machine Rentals

Short Term Coffee Machine, Coffee Vending Machine and Filter Coffee Machine Rentals Frontier is proud to offer various coffee machines on short term rental periods for conferences, events and other periods where a good cup of coffee is a must! Everything from the coffee to the machine to the sugar and milk and even a trained barista is available on ...

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Fact or Fiction? Why you should drink coffee in this heat!

The English have a great tradition dating back to the 18th century. It’s called afternoon tea. Doesn’t matter how hot it gets, an afternoon tea is a given and a pleasure. So why is tea a good thing in this heat, but we don’t think of perhaps having a cup of coffee to cool us down? Coffee has counter intuitive cooling powers. Sweating is your body’s ...

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Should you look at buying/ renting an office coffee machine?

Every morning your staff get to work, march into the office kitchen and start making a cup of coffee or other hot beverage using the kettle, urn or small automatic coffee machine. They stand waiting for the kettle to boil or the filter coffee to brew. They add their own sugar and as much fresh milk as they like (oh…let’s not forget that bowl of cer ...

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