Need Office Coffee Machines ?

Let the office coffee professionals bring you premium coffee and a range of coffee machines and service packages to suit your office requirements.

Easy quote system for ordering

Carefully selected and roasted coffee beans from an award-winning barista and roast-master and produced in an accredited roastery

We train you on how to use all our products

Coffee machines that range from filter coffee machines through to one-touch cappuccino makers to meet every need

coffee machines can offer you coffee shop quality

Unique business solutions and pricing models to meet the needs of your staff and clients while matching your budget

We manage supply of coffee consumables and coffee machines to offices

Well-priced consumables that include coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate through to cups and stirrers delivered free to your door

Instant Coffee Machine

Instant coffee machines

Choose instant coffee like Nescafe or Jacobs to make delicious coffee. With 5 canisters, you can also add sugar, milk, hot chocolate and even a decaff coffee or vanilla, caramel or hazelnut latte! 

Bean to cup coffee machines

Use quality bean coffee to make all those coffee shop favourites like cappuccino and latte.  With 4 canisters add in hot chocolate, sugar and milk as well

Enjoy tea and coffee from our range of different coffee machines

Fresh brew tea and coffee machines

Want freshly brewed Five Roses and Rooibos tea in one machine? Look no further…. and with four additional canisters you can also have milk, hot chocolate, Nescafe and Gold/Jacobs coffee at the touch of a screen!

One-touch cappuccino coffee machines

Fresh milk and coffee beans… we stock the ultimate range of high quality coffee machines. Cappuccino, latte and 30 other options at your fingertip!

Automatic office coffee machines


Enjoy full ownership – and with our VendPlan option, we will keep your machines serviced and running smoothly for 3 years or 33 333 cups at no extra cost!


Reap the tax benefits of renting a coffee machine for a small monthly rental. Packages can include monthly servicing, and all include a free maintenance agreement. Use our consumables and your mahine could even be rent free!!

Full service

For larger companies, we’ll install, fill, clean and maintain your coffee machines – we’ll even manage your consumables, taking everything off your hands!

If that has got you excited, let us point out that we’ve been doing this for 16 years, and if we can keep discerning companies like those below coming back year after year… imagine what we can do for you! Every day starts with us!

Clients who have trusted us to bring the barista into their offices....

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