With the recent fatal Listeria outbreak in South Africa, and the impact that food borne disease has on productivity in companies, many of our large corporate clients have asked us to prove that we are indeed selling them safe and hygienic products.

Having staff go off sick because of contaminated coffee, milk, hot chocolate and any other beverage ingredient is not only costly to companies, but it also demonstrates a lack of care by them about staff welfare… and that is definitely not what they want

We agree, and to that end we went through a process of acquiring food safety accreditation with  Intertek, who many will know,  like SGS or Veritas, is a major international accreditation body for food safety standards.

We went through a rigorous process to implement the standards and are proud to say that we are the only corporate coffee machine supplier in South Africa to have  achieved the Food Safety Assessment (FSA) certification.

See our certification by clicking on this link: FSA Certificate 0029-19

The certification covers South African and international standards like ISO 22002,  Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Food Safety Management System requirements as guided by the Global Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Companies can buy from us with confidence knowing that every aspect from qualifying suppliers, checking their product specifications, tracing the product from source to customer and storing and delivery, ensures food safety standards are not only met, but surpassed.

All that said, food safety is just one aspect of finding a great supplier and so we continue to offer value through free delivery, excellent prices and customer care that is industry leading.

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