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Gone are the days of high performing companies expecting employees to accept a dreary office environment where everything remains grey until the steam rises from your cup… and equally so, gone are the days in most companies of waiting for the kettle to boil!

Today, employers know that staff need to be appreciated to ensure better buy-in… and great coffee is seen as a good way to show this… essential almost in many companies!

So how do you consider not only the benefit but the cost of better coffee?

You have to keep in mind:

  1. What type of coffee machine they’d like to offer staff and clients? Should it be a filter coffee machine, coffee vending machine or espresso coffee machine?
  2. What type of coffee should be served? Should it be instant coffee like Ricoffy or Nescafe or should it be freshly ground beans that have been fresh roasted?
  3. Is the machine suitable for the number of people that will be drinking coffee? Too small and it could burn out or constantly break down.
  4. How long would staff wait for their coffee before patience runs out?
  5. How user-friendly the machine is? Staff want to grab a cup of coffee and go… they don’t want to have to first read the whole user manual before knowing which button to press for coffee. Staff need to see it, press it and enjoy it… and … get back to work!
  6. The selection choice provided must cater for diverse staff preferences… and staff can be rewarded by a selection of hot beverages from coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso choc etc.

Lastly MONEY. A coffee machine is a long-term investment. While it saves money through reduction of theft, misuse of ingredients and portion control (and by even limiting the number of drinks per person per day), it still costs money right? So what if it isn’t right?

Frontier Coffee is asking the same question. So if you can test drive your car before making a purchase, shouldn’t you be able to test drive your coffee machine? Why not take your employees for a spin by arranging a FREE DEMO?

We’ve been in the coffee business for more than 14 years and we also buy things in our personal lives… so we understand the concerns you may have about buying/ renting a coffee machine from us!

If you are considering buying your coffee machine from us, then ask for your free demo. A free demo is a demonstration of the coffee machine we think is most suitable for your office needs. It’s a chance for you and your employees to use the machine, taste the quality of the ingredients and enjoy some quality coffee. See if it fits your unique needs and then make the right choice.

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“The service of Frontier is excellent. Thank you for everything you are doing for GE Healthcare”

GE Healthcare

“We hereby give an attestation to the excellent services administered by Frontier Coffee over the past six years. It is with absolute confidence and without reservation that we can recommend to any business establishment due to the high standard of service offered.”


“The Frontier Beverage Company has been operating coffee vending machines in the Netcare group for the past three years (now 8 years!). During this time we have been impressed with their service ethic, integrity and the cost savings we have experienced.”

Netcare Group

“THANK YOU so much! We really appreciate your great service; it has only been a pleasure working with you.”


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