Coffee makers … what type are you looking for?

Office coffee makers and home coffee makers are generally divided into three categories:

Automatic coffee makers | Coffee vending machines  |Filter coffee makers

Vicenza F11 Coffee Machines are for offices, restaurants, factory or guesthouse use.

We offer a wide variety of bean to cup automatic coffee makers including the Dr Coffee range. These are compact, yet full of features that range from ceramic coffee grinders, touch screens through to pre-wetting of ground coffee to allow more extraction of desirable flavours.

Fresh Milk

Using  built-in fresh milk frothers, they have one-touch cappuccino making capability (with a double boiler to ensure you have enough steam to froth your milk). They can make quality coffee drinks in your home or office. Simple and very cost effective for home or office coffee.

Drink Choices

Choose from espresso coffee, americano, flat white, cappuccino, latte and even hot milk for making hot chocolate drinks. All of these are delivered fresh and hot to you at the push of a button.

Simple to use

These coffee makers are as simple to use and to clean as coffee capsule machines (e.g. Nespresso). However, they are far cheaper to use over time than coffee capsule machines given the cost of the coffee capsules themselves. They are the perfect for home or office coffee situations.So it’s no surprise that coffee roasters and coffee lovers alike, love them. They are backed by our legendary service and maintenance plans.

The Bellisimo Dual Tea Brewer and Coffee Machine

Coffee vending machines offer bean to cup or instant coffee and  allow all the ingredients like coffee, milk powder, sugar, hot chocolate, to be locked away inside the machine. No mess on the counters and no loss of money due to misuse of ingredients.

Cost Saving

Coffee vendors are for commercial environments and offer a major advantage in that you get portion control. You will be able to manage costs while offering quality hot beverages. They can have card systems to limit useage too.

Drink Choice

You can select coffee drinks from espresso coffee, black or white coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte, or hot chocolate at the push of a button. Our machines allow you to select sugar levels.

Offering both fresh milk and powdered milk models, each has its advantages. Contact us for a your free assessment of what might suit your office best.


Commercial coffee makers are fast and always on, so you can get coffee fast. No time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil and no  ingredients on the counter!

With an all inclusive service package option, buy once and never have to pay another cent on maintenance.

Filter coffee maker

Unlike an espresso maker, filter coffee makers use gravity to extract the desirable flavours from ground coffee. This is why coffee from a filter maker and an espresso coffee tastes so different, and why coffee roasters need to blend specificaly for filter coffee makers.

Fast Brewing

We supply 80g ground coffee sachets and filter papers to give you 10 cups of delicious fresh filter coffee in around 10 minutes. This is perfect for busy offices where “on-demand” beverages are important for minimising staff downtime.

Choose between the  glass bowl, the stainless steel vacuum flask or vacuum pump-pot models. You’ll enjoy freshly brewed and flavour rich coffee drinks either immediately, or up to a few hours after brewing.

Cost Saving

To top it all, enjoy the most cost effective way of bringing fresh coffee drinks to your office as we supply a free filter coffee maker  when you order just two boxes of 50 x 80g ground coffee sachets per month.

Choice of Blends

Enjoy our Platinum and Java coffee that has been blended for “easy, everyday” drinking. They will appeal to a wide variety of different staff tastes and keep your staff motivated and productive.