Looking for coffee machines in Polokwane?

If you live in Polokwane and are looking for quality coffee machines and coffee … then we can help.

Let Bayhound Coffee Works provide advice and assist you in finding the best coffee machine (and locally roasted coffee) for your specific needs.


Coffee Machines

Bayhound Coffee Works is owned and run by Pieter and Susan – two genuinely “passionate about coffee” people. They provide Polokwane with truly awesome coffee that they roast themselves!

They also offer our range of coffee machines to cover the needs and budgets of homes, offices, restaurants, guesthouses, factories, dealerships and more!

Our website will give you a sense of the coffee machines they offer. Feel free though to give Bayhound Coffee Works a call or contact us here. We’ll be in touch with you to see how you can get a great coffee machine.

Enjoy finding  a well priced coffee machine for your home, and for  your business, there are both automatic coffee machines as well as coffee vending machines on offer.

Technical Services in Polokwane

Did we mention Pieter can build or fix anything? He even built his own coffee roaster! So you don’t need to worry about being left without a coffee machine for weeks should you need a coffee machine repair. Pieter will repair it in Polokwane and he’ll do it fast!

Consumables (Freshest coffee beans)

Bayhound Coffee Works will supply you with great coffee beans for use in your office coffee machines, and of course, home coffee machines.

You can choose from a number of blends and tastes knowing they are chosen and roasted with love!

So, don’t wait.  Just call to start enjoying great office coffee or home coffee along with exceptional service!

Your Local Person is:



Phone: 086 1105949

Email: [email protected]