Coffee Mythbusters!

Coffee is known to be one of the most popular beverages in the world, but still around every corner you hear the most bizarre myths about it! Sit back, sip at your coffee, relax and see if you agree…. Myth 1: Coffee is a major cause of stress If this was true… sitting out on the deck overlooking the ocean on that beach vacation … sip ...

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Is your coffee supplier selling you safe and hygienic products?

With the recent fatal Listeria outbreak in South Africa, and the impact that food borne disease has on productivity in companies, many of our large corporate clients have asked us to prove that we are indeed selling them safe and hygienic products. Having staff go off sick because of contaminated coffee, milk, hot chocolate and any other beverage in ...

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Coffee is healthy

Improve your health by drinking coffee!

Could your office coffee machines be more important than your first aid box? Well, the debate has raged for many years, and it will probably continue for many more. Is coffee good or bad for your health?  Here are some findings that indicate coffee may well be better than that aspirin! Coffee , as we all know, is high in caffeine, and caffeine is sus ...

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Fact or Fiction? Why you should drink coffee in this heat!

The English have a great tradition dating back to the 18th century. It’s called afternoon tea. Doesn’t matter how hot it gets, an afternoon tea drink is a given and a pleasure. So why is tea a good thing in this heat, but we don’t think of perhaps having a cup of coffee to cool us down? Coffee has counter intuitive cooling powers. Sweating is your b ...

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