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But while you are here let us introduce you to our range of coffee machines and maybe you'll leave this page with a great new deal! Oh, did you know that we have been renting and selling coffee machines and coffee vending machines for over 17 years now... so feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

Vicenza Coffee Machine with fridge




So here we offer you a fantasic fully automatic coffee machine that grinds coffee beans with ceramic grinder blades and produces a fine foam for cappuccino and latte drinks. With an 8l water tank, you get over 30 drinks per fill and very happy coffee lovers. 








The Sprint Bean to Cup coffee vending machine is one of our big sellers . These vending machines offer both bean and instant coffee options with onboard milk, chocolate and sugar. Our Bellissimo offers fresh brew tea as well!

Save money with thes machines because all the coffee, milk, sugar and hot chocolate is in the machine and portion controlled when dispensed.








For the non-espresso drinkers, and for high volume environments, we offer you a fiilter coffee machine that uses ground coffee and gravity to provide a pot of easy drinking coffee. 

So how do these coffee machines look to you? Remember that we offer a maintenance and repair service and supply all ingredients for the machines.