We are proud to announce the arrival of the Barista Caffe automatic coffee machine in South Africa. Without
question, this has to be the most affordable “bean to cup” coffee machine feature for feature in the country! Perfect for home or small office use.

We are so sure that you will be thrilled with your purchase that we will offer you an unconditional “30 day pay-as-you-drink money back guarantee”. So you can buy the machine, and if within 30 days you decide not to keep it, just return the machine and we’ll simply deduct R5-00 for every cup made and return the balance on your purchase price! So if you make say, 50 cups in the 30 day period and you decide you don’t want the machine, we’ll refund your purchase price less R250. Simple!

So what is so great about this machine?

The Barista Caffe has the same features of machines twice the price

No kidding around. For example, the coffee machine has a double boiler that allows you to make coffee without waiting for the cappuccino frother to build up pressure to give you cappuccino after cappuccino. Great if you are entertaining guests and want to serve all guests simultaneously.

Then there is the programmable coffee dosing that allows you to vary the amount of coffee used in each brew. So, perhaps you like your coffee strong and your friend likes hers weak…no problem…adjust the taste as the coffee beans are being ground! The same goes for the volume. You can make an espresso as easily as you can a full cappuccino by simply changing the amount of water used.

Another great feature seen on more expensive models is the automatic descale alert function. Scale is caused by “hard water” which contains excessive amounts of calcium, magnesium etc. South Africa generally has “hard water” and this can affect the taste of your coffee and reduce boiler performance, just like in your kettle when the element gets covered by scale. So after initially testing the hardness of the water, the machine can then monitor scale build up and advise you when you need to descale it. This simple process involves the flushing of the machine with a descaling solution (supplied!)

There are many more examples…just have a look at the dedicated Barista Caffe page here

Small, compact and elegant

The design is outstanding – an asset to any kitchen, pause area, reception, boardroom or showroom! Just look at the picture…silver and black lines complement the elegant compact design. This allows your coffee machine to take pride of place in any area without appearing “bulky” or over bearing. Its small footprint also allows you to place it in many different areas, optimising the look of your kitchen, showroom, reception or boardroom.

The amzing price of R5900-00!

We’ve been in this business for eight years now and if we have learned anything, it is that South Africans want quality and feature packed coffee machines at a great price. This coffee machine has it all. Why so many features for such a good price? Simple, we have gone across the world looking for this machine; spent hours with the manufacturer to add in the features we know will impress you; and tested the outcome for months to make sure it met our quality standards. Oh, and by the way, it comes with full SABS approvals. It simply cannot be beaten on price!

For the sceptics we offer the “30 day pay-as-you-drink money back guarantee”. Can you afford not to try this machine?

So…call us now to get more information and to order one (or more!) of these great coffee machines. Stock is limited and on a first come/first served basis.

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