Need coffee machines or coffee vending machines?

Find Instant or Bean to Cup coffee machine for your home or office!


Give your staff and clients coffee shop quality coffee, and not only that, offer them a choice of hot beverages like latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate. All at the press of a button.


  • We have 15 years of experience in coffee machine sales and rentals, so we are ready to provide you with a unique solution.
  • Large companies like Avis, HSBC and Netcare trust us to provide them and their staff with quality coffee.
  • We offer a wide range of coffee equipment so that you can choose the best machine for your needs.
  • Our qualified technicians will install, maintain and train you on your equipment. You will experience great service.
  • We are industry leaders with our service levels. As a result, we have many happy clients.
  • We supply high quality consumables so you can order coffee beans, teas, vending milk powders, hot chocolate powders,  paper cups, cleaning aids and more.
  • In order to make sure you always have products, we deliver direct to your office.
  • We offer flexible rental models, that range from free equipment through to onsite staff members to manage your site.
  • Our customer service managers you never have to worry about service.

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