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Our coffee machines will give your staff and clients coffee shop quality coffee and a choice of hot beverages like cappuccino and hot chocolate. All at the press of a button …while saving you money.

Vicenza F11 Coffee Machines are for offices, restaurants, factory or guesthouse use.

Automatic Coffee Machines

These are compact, yet capable of producing a coffee shop quality coffee in your home, reception, showroom, office or boardroom. They use coffee beans which are ground on demand to prepare the freshest coffee, and they use fresh milk to create great tasting coffee shop quality coffee – coffee you’ll be happy to serve your guests and staff alike! Our range of these bean to cup coffee machines embraces the latest technology such as touch screens and ceramic grinders to ensure quality is not compromised.

They are as easy to use and maintain as a coffee capsule machine and have automatic descale and brewer rinse programmes. They are also great for home coffee making like the Russel Hobbs and De Longhi cappuccino makers . We’ll offer you a free demo to see just what a difference these coffee machines will make to your office or home.

The Bellisimo Dual Tea Brewer and Coffee Machine

Coffee Vending Machines include Fresh Tea Brew, Bean to Cup Machines, Instant Coffee Machines and Filter Coffee Makers.

Each coffee maker produces different coffee drinks. The fresh brew tea and coffee machine offers two types of tea and instant coffee. Great for offices where there is a need for all ingredients to be in the machine. We also have industrial coffee machines.

The bean espresso coffee makers use coffee beans which are only ground in the built-in coffee grinder when you select your coffee. This preserves maximum flavour and freshness is guaranteed.

All of the coffee vending machines have canisters for milk and hot chocolate, and some can offer sugar and various latte flavours like caramel, hazelnut and vanilla.

When all the ingredients are locked inside the machine, there is no mess on counters and no ingredients to go missing. The range offers improved staff productivity too as there is no waiting for the kettle to boil and portion control adds to the cost saving angle.

Giving staff a choice of quality hot beverages will motivate them while saving the Rands. We service the machines too, so no hassle with maintaining them.

Automatic office coffee machines

A fully automatic coffee machine produces coffee just like traditional espresso machines using fresh milk and built-in milk frother at the touch of a button.

Sprint Instant Coffee Machine

An instant coffee machine offers Ricoffy, Nescafe or Jacobs coffee with milk, sugar and hot chocolate options. Cost effective.

The Bellisimo Dual Tea Brewer and Coffee Machine

A bean to cup machine has a coffee grinder that will grind fresh beans and they add milk, sugar and hot chocolate too. Quality that is affordable.

Filter coffee maker

A filter coffee machine brews coffee in volume using ground coffee. Choose from glass bowl or vacuum flask models to store coffee longer

We offer a wide range of machines that are suitable for home and office use. But why do coffee lovers buy from us?

Coffee Machine Experience

There are many companies that promise you everything, but very few that remain in business more than ten years if they cannot deliver on those promises.

We have 17 years of experience in commercial coffee machine sales and rentals to the office environment and coffee roasters and know exactly how to make both your staff and your financial manager happy! We are here because we offer value – we cut your costs while we improve beverage choice and quality for you and your staff. Believe it? Well our staff have a combined total of over 230 years of service experience doing exactly this.

The company is still owner managed, and so we can offer both tailor-made solutions to your business and guarantee you can always reach the owner when you need to. It’s why we have kept corporate customers for so long.

We service the areas in and around Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Flexible Coffee Machine Rental Models

Our rental models range from free-on-loan machines through to onsite staff members to manage your site. We can service home coffee machines and small offices as easily as we serve our large corporate clients. You can also choose to rent your machine on a month-to-month basis or select a 12, 24 or 36 month period. We will have a rental to suit your needs and offer very tailored packages for each client.

With us, you are not a number because we realize if our offerings don’t save you money, or don’t motivate and energize your staff, we don’t have a customer!

Warranty Backed Coffee Machine Sales

Our sale machines come with a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind and all rentals receive free maintenance as part of the package. We have been here for 17 years so we are not about to upset customers with poor quality and inaction – you can buy or rent knowing that you have made a sound choice in both coffee machine and company.

You can always judge the value a company offers by the customers they keep! Our customers range from the largest corporates in South Africa like Avis, FNB and Netcare  to companies with 5 staff who love their coffee just as much. No matter the size, they all trust us to provide them and their staff with quality coffee.

We have hundreds of happy clients, large and small, that have been with us for years. You simply do not get contract renewals year after year in a very competitive market, if you are not delivering exceptional value and delivering that value consistently.

Coffee Machine Technical Support

We have a field service team and a fully equipped workshop in Johannesburg and Cape Town, staffed by factory trained technicians and engineers. Your coffee machine, be it a filter machine or a high end espresso machine, is assured of the best service in South Africa (how else would we have been in business for 18 years).

Our qualified technicians will install, maintain and train you on how to get the best from your coffee maker or commercial espresso machine. Where else do you get “call to fixed” in 8 working hours? Seriously… that’s what we deliver and we work hard to maintain service levels for both large and small customers. It goes back to the value we offer our clients. Put us to the test!

Full Consumable Range… delivered!

We supply high quality coffee and related consumables so you can order the best tasting coffee beans, coffee capsules, ground coffee, instant coffee like Jacobs Kroning, filter coffee, teas, vending milk powders, hot chocolate powders,  paper cups, cleaning aids and more. In fact everything to keep you and your espresso coffee machine, automatic bean to cup coffee maker, or coffee vending machine happy and in perfect working order.

Not only that, but our pricing is great! Why? Simply because we buy in bulk, have long established relationships with our suppliers and are constantly on the hunt for better value. We know that happy staff and clients = better business!

Contact us now to get more information or to arrange a demo at your convenience

Select coffee machines with this guide


We’ve been putting the right coffee maker into the hands of our customers for 17 years now. We understand that there are many different kinds of machine out in the market like coffee capsule machines, automatic bean to cup machines, filter coffee makers, espresso machines and more… and every seller will tell you how great they are and why you should buy theirs! Some like Nespresso (e.g. Nespresso Essenza Mini), Russell Hobbs and De Longhi (e.g. deLonghi Magnifica Pronto) make great espresso coffee machines but many others don’t…

Well, of course we’d love you to be our customer, but if there is one thing worse than not getting the sale, it’s getting an unhappy customer. That’s not how we do things.

So take your time and find out about the different kinds of coffee machine and make your own choice .  Go on, click here or on the image to get your free copy…

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